Chapbook: The Body of All Things

Finishing Line Press, 2017

Cover art by  Aremy Stewart .

Cover art by Aremy Stewart.

In these vulnerable and wise poems Rebecca Jamieson probes the complexities of family, growing up, and the sheer mystery of being an embodied consciousness in a world that is at once beautiful and painful. “I value the bitter/ medicines, the spiky plants/ with poison flowers,” she tells us, giving us poems that are themselves curative and astringent in their intimacy and hard-won insights. This, then, is a book which arrives at a deep “yes” on its journey from innocence to experience: “Some yeses/ come in a wild voice, others/ are very quiet…” she says. Rebecca Jamieson’s voice has the ability to contain both, often in the same poem. And after experiencing such poems we feel like we might know not only this poet but even ourselves a little better if we’re brave enough to follow where her questions lead.

–Ger Killeen


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