My name is Rebecca Jamieson, and I teach Mindful Writing classes.

I believe that both meditation and writing help us connect with our minds and hearts and make friends with what we find there. Mindful Writing uses words as an awareness practice, helping us touch our authentic experience, work with fear, and befriend ourselves.

Rebecca’s skill at facilitation is truly what makes this class so special, including her authenticity and ability to hold hard truths that come up for folks. Her willingness to be vulnerable with the group also contributed to bringing folks together and creating a space for others to be vulnerable.
— Lisa, Mindful Writing participant
Rebecca’s approach is steady and uncommonly respectful and nourishing to a writer in any stage of development and exploration. I can find a space of openness and flow in my writing much more readily now - this workshop has given me access to the aspect of myself as a writer that I most enjoy, for its authenticity. I feel unburdened (or at least more than usual) of self-criticism.
— Laura, Mindful Writing participant