My name is Rebecca Jamieson, and I teach Mindful Writing classes.

I believe that both meditation and writing help us connect with our minds and hearts and make friends with what we find there. Mindful Writing uses words as an awareness practice, helping us touch our authentic experience, work with fear, and befriend ourselves.


Rebecca Jamieson has practiced creative writing and meditation for over a decade. She holds a BA in Writing, Mindfulness, and Psychology from Marylhurst University and is an MFA candidate in the Writing & Publishing program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including Calyx, Hunger Mountain, Lion's Roar, Rattle, and Voicecatcher. She has a chapbook of poetry, The Body of All Things, from Finishing Line PressRebecca has also facilitated workshops with Write Around Portland and taught meditation at the Portland Shambhala Center.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions or want to learn more about what I do. I look forward to hearing from you! 


Chapbook: The Body of All Things

Finishing Line Press, 2017

Cover art by  Aremy Stewart .

Cover art by Aremy Stewart.

In these vulnerable and wise poems Rebecca Jamieson probes the complexities of family, growing up, and the sheer mystery of being an embodied consciousness in a world that is at once beautiful and painful. “I value the bitter/ medicines, the spiky plants/ with poison flowers,” she tells us, giving us poems that are themselves curative and astringent in their intimacy and hard-won insights. This, then, is a book which arrives at a deep “yes” on its journey from innocence to experience: “Some yeses/ come in a wild voice, others/ are very quiet…” she says. Rebecca Jamieson’s voice has the ability to contain both, often in the same poem. And after experiencing such poems we feel like we might know not only this poet but even ourselves a little better if we’re brave enough to follow where her questions lead.

–Ger Killeen


“Portrait of the Black Hole as Alcoholic” (Rattle, April 2019)

“Dear Mama,” “The Taste of Apple,” “All the Spring Nights,” “Voices” (M Review, September 2016)

“Cows” (Voicecatcher, Winter 2016)

“Perseid” (Calyx, Winter 2015)

“Landlubber” (Stirring: A Literary Collection, September 2011)

“Away on the Wind” (andreview, June 2010)

“Home Calling” (andreview, January 2010)

“Ghosts” (re(evolve), Summer 2009)

“Seen Again” (The Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar, 2008)

“Crab” (The Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar, 2004)

Cup of Poems with a Side of Prose, 2003

Essays & Interviews

“The Dharma of Desire” (Lion’s Roar, April 2012)

An Interview with Jen Currin (Hunger Mountain, 2019 – forthcoming)

Guest Blog Posts

“Why Black Lives Matter” (People’s Co-op blog, August 2016)


Mindful Writing Workshop Series

February 18, March 18 & April 15, 2019, 6:30-8:30pm

At the Vermont College of Fine Arts

These workshops are open to all and perfect for those who want to bring fresh awareness to their writing and have fun in the process. We’ll learn basic mindfulness practices, including walking meditation outside (weather permitting), then delve into writing sessions, using simple techniques to bring awareness to our experience as we write.

Expect to leave with new tools under your belt, the beginnings of fresh creative work, and the experience of being part of a supportive writing community. Bring a notebook and a favorite pen (laptops can be accommodated upon request). 

Sliding scale rates available to make the class accessible to all.


Wild Minds: Read Like A Writer Book Group

Thursdays, Feburary 28, April 4 & May 2, 2019, 6:30-8:00pm

At the Vermont College of Fine Arts

What makes a book you can’t put down? In this fun monthly book group, you’ll dig deeply into texts and find the craft tools writers use to construct their stories. We’ll focus on a different novel or memoir each month, with discussion questions designed to help you identify craft techniques that will strengthen your own writing while developing the skills to “read like a writer” on your own.

The book for May is A Mercy, by Toni Morrison. Once you’ve registered, please purchase the book and begin reading! Note: Each class can be registered as a standalone or as many as you’d like to attend.

Sliding scale rates available to make the class accessible to all.


Fun with Forms Poetry Workshop

saturday, April 20, 2019


At the Vermont College of Fine Arts, in partnership with Poem City

What is poetic form and why might we use it? Sonnets, haikus and villanelles are just a few of the hundreds of poetic forms that some writers use to add structure, rhythm and musicality to their poems. Form may seem intimidating, but it can be a way to find freedom, innovation and playfulness with our writing. In this workshop, we’ll read poems in various forms, then play with fun and easy forms in our own writing, including the abecedarian, the “telephone number poem” and the cinquain. All levels of experience are welcome! This free workshop is offered in partnership with Poem City. Please bring paper and a pen.

Free. Ages 15 and up. Class size limited to 12 students.

Rebecca’s skill at facilitation is truly what makes this class so special, including her authenticity and ability to hold hard truths that come up for folks. Her willingness to be vulnerable with the group also contributed to bringing folks together and creating a space for others to be vulnerable.
— Lisa, Mindful Writing participant
Rebecca’s approach is steady and uncommonly respectful and nourishing to a writer in any stage of development and exploration. I can find a space of openness and flow in my writing much more readily now - this workshop has given me access to the aspect of myself as a writer that I most enjoy, for its authenticity. I feel unburdened (or at least more than usual) of self-criticism.
— Laura, Mindful Writing participant


Drop me a line

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to learn more about what I do. I look forward to hearing from you!

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